Test Driven DesignTM

Machines that sell

You sell slush machines to convenience stores in Ontario highlighting the high profits retailers can make with such units. You want to sell the machines in Quebec with the same argument.

Is it a good idea?

Serve Canada distributes slush and soft ice-cream equipment to restaurants, ice-cream parlours and retailers. The company did well in Ontario, emphasizing the monthly profits that a merchant could make with the equipment, but they were having problems to sell them in Quebec.

After a first meeting with the president of Serve Canada, we had more questions than answers. We didn’t understand why, in view of the resounding success in the sales of slush by a large convenience store chain, other retailers were not interested in following in their steps.

What David and Goliath did

David and Goliath promptly conceived a brochure with a catchy slogan, with an unusual format and colourful and clever design, in order to test it among the target public.

What the Test Driven DesignTM allowed us to understand

The tests revealed that retailers were not taking the offer seriously due to its message. They were being told how much profit they could make with the machines while they considered themselves to be the only ones who could evaluate such fact.

The results

We just modified the text and mentioned the daily operation costs of each machine and immediately sold 75 slush machines!