Test Driven DesignTM

Packaging packed with personality!

You manufacture kitchenware made of a patented plastic and which you sell exclusively to professionals. A large retail chain is interested in your product line but asks you to package the items in such a way that they can be hung on displays. The prestigious agency that you hire presents you with an outstanding, very clean packaging design on a light background.

These are their arguments:

  • The chain adopted a very clean style in the indoor layout of their stores.
  • This retailer sells mainly high-end products.
  • The products sold have all a very clean packaging designed on a white background.
  • Your product is more expensive because it’s unique; therefore, it must be perceived as a high-end product, hence the very clean design.

Do you accept this argument?

Matfer is a multinational company specialized in the manufacturing of kitchenware for restaurants. In the United States, their product line manufactured with Exopat® is also offered in some large specialized retail chains. An agency from California had created a special packaging line, but sales were low. The marketing director and the sales director approached David and Goliath to understand the situation and take corrective action.

What the Test Driven DesignTM method allowed them to understand

A high-end presentation for an ordinary product such as a spoon or a spatula seems to be unnecessarily expensive.

The most attractive feature for the consumer was that these utensils are flame-resistant and can stand temperatures of up to 800 ºF while remaining cool to the touch. Their useful life is also longer. Now, for this benefit, consumers were prepared to pay more.

In a store containing mostly white packaging, a touch of colour attracted consumers’ attention immediately.

What David and Goliath did

  • We represented flames and used lively colours to interest and attract consumers so they would stop and examine the product.
  • We wrote a text that highlighted the main advantage of the products.
  • We used illustrations perceived by Americans as typically French, France having an unrivalled reputation for its cuisine.

The results

Based on their sales history, Matfer had ordered enough packaging to cover two whole years. As soon as the new packaging was on the market, they had to order five times more and renew the order every three months. Sales went up 50 times.