Test Driven DesignTM

Striking strudels

You want to market a new brand of pre-packaged strudels at competitive prices in convenience stores in Quebec. First step: find a name. Your colleagues are all for Divino, a name that they feel inspires a delicious taste.

Do you accept their suggestion?

For 15 years, Casse-Noisette bakery has occupied the shelves of Montreal convenience stores. The company doesn’t have a brand strategy and is looking for a name for their strudels, which they are about to launch.

What David and Goliath did

David and Goliath had to find a name for the strudels and create the packaging. Divino seemed to be the right name to convey the message of the “divine” flavour of the pastries; therefore, several packaging prototypes were created.

What the Test Driven DesignTM allowed us to understand

A first series of tests carried out with two groups of consumers revealed that French speakers liked Divino, associating the name with a good pastry, while English speakers immediately thought of wine.

The results

In view of the results, a collaborator of David and Goliath exclaimed, “C’est du délire!” There you go, what a great idea for a name…

The second test showed Délire pleased all palates, regardless of their language.